Whitaker Defends 'Where the Wild Things Are'

March 28, 2008


As rumors continue to fly about possible reshoots for Spike Jonze's suposedly-too-scary-for-kids Where the Wild Things Are, Forest Whitaker--who plays one of said Wild Things--has spoken up to say "WTF, my kids totally dug it," or something to that effect.

If your unending reverence to Spike Jonze has you as concerned as I am about the future of Where the Wild Things Are, I'd suggest reading over the full article, in which Whitaker goes on to describe some plot elements and (spoiler!) monster-as-stepdad metaphor--even suggesting kids may have emotions other than "child-like wonderment", and might actually identify with the darker scenes.

Hopefully Whitaker's words will push Warner to reconsider their assessment. This generation still desperately needs their Return to Oz: something they'll love to be scared shitless by. After all, where would I be today without my undying fear of Wheelers?

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