Amanda Righetti Joins 'Friday the 13th', Olive Garden Menu

April 3, 2008


Just as there is absolutely no question that the world desperately needs a Michael Bay-produced remake of Friday the 13th, it is also a certainty that such a production requires a key hot girl to run, probably wet and jiggling, from the killer. Otherwise, why do I care? To fill the part, Variety reports a deal is nearly signed with Amanda Righetti, star of Return to House on Haunted Hill (though she wasn't in the first one, making her return a bit suspect). So you can stop worrying that, like your last house party, Friday the 13th will turn into "a total sausage-fest."

And if you wondering if her name is fun to say with a thick, stereotypical Italian accent: Yes! It is!

Amanda Righetti [Variety]

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