Coens' 'Burn After Reading' Stills: Pitt is a Douche, Clooney Regrets Love-Making

April 30, 2008


Over at First Showing, the first production stills from the Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading have popped up. Of course, being that it's a new dark comedy from the Coens, I'm ridiculously enthusiastic about these images, but I can't help but feel there's a bit too much winking at the audience going on with Brad Pitt's oafish gym employee character. Brad Pitt is a huge star, and People Magazine told me he's the sexiest man alive during certain years, but now he has ridiculous bleached tips and works at a gym!? That's crazy! Though, at the same time, if Brad Pitt weren't a huge star and occasionally the sexiest man alive, he probably would have bleached tips and work at a gym. So maybe this is just great casting.

More shots--including George Clooney hamming up post-coital regret in country-style patriotic bedding--here.

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