'Forbidden Kingdom' Not Forbidden from Winning Weekend Box Office, Because It Did

April 22, 2008


The Forbidden Kingdom - After taking in $21.4 million, I'd say this Jet Li/Jackie Chan team-up really jump-kicked the competition, alluding to their martial arts skills.

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - $17.7 million, hinting that the close friends and co-workers of the talented Judd Apatow may also have talent of their own?

3. Prom Night - $8.7 million, helped in part by me going with a big group of friends. I mean, I definitely could have gone to Prom Night with a date, but I just thought I'd have more fun without all the pressure. It's not because I couldn't get a girl to go with me. Because I could have.

4. 88 Minutes - $7 million, which is pretty good for something that is, by all accounts, terrible.

Nim's Island - I was thinking, the whole fantasies-becoming-reality-on-an-island would be great as an entirely inappropriate softcore porn, but what would it be called? All I could come up with was Nip's Island. I'm sure there's a better option. Anyway, it made $5.7 million.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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