'Incredible Hulk' Trailer is Incredibly Dull--Except for the Part with the Power Suit

April 30, 2008


After watching this new trailer to the Edward Norton-starring remake of The Incredible Hulk, I can safely say it's not worth talking about. There's no reason to continue discussing it. It's not good; it's not bad; it's just nothing. It's everything you'd expect it to be and slightly less. So instead of wasting my time attempting to describe it to you, I've taken IMDB's summary for a far superior Hulk movie, Suburban Commando, and adapted it to fit this mundane trailer. It works well enough.

[Edward Norton] is an interstellar hero, righting wrongs, etc. His [skin] is [green] after a [gamma irradiation] with a [government] nasty and he must hide out on [Brazil?] until [he] can [cure that]. He leaves his [Liv Tyler] at home, but still finds himself unable to [stop turning into the Hulk and whatnot] and so mixes it up with bad [Gen. William Hurt], offensive paperboys, [another giant green asshole] and the like. Then the family he's staying with finds his power suit and the father tries it on.

See it in HD here, or slightly more conveniently below the cut. (Thanks to Kyle and Joe.)

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