Joker Makes a Meta-Graffiti 'Dork Knight' Trailer

April 30, 2008


Those who participated in the latest leg of the Dark Knight viral marketing trivia contest thing got more than just the opportunity to see a movie trailer a week early: one lucky audience member in each city got a 35mm print of the trailer to take home! But, wouldn't you know it, the Joker has defaced the prints, scrawling clown makeup on the stars, adding a lightsaber, and retitling the film "The Dork Knight." For being an insane criminal mastermind, the Joker has a very tame sense of humor. Couldn't he have at least taken it to subway graffiti/Perez Hilton level and drawn a penis near Christian Bale's mouth? Enjoy the post-modern revelation that Joker is aware of his own summer blockbuster, under the cut.

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