'Land of the Lost' Sleestaks Are Guys in Suits

April 29, 2008


Could it be the Will Ferrell remake of Land of the Lost is doing some things right? Possibly. Despite completely overlooking that very few people really want to see yet another movie with Will Ferrell acting like a wacky man-child--be it in a prehistoric lost land, in miniature gym shorts, or while selling Old Spice--Land of the Lost director Brad Silberling appears to have realized at least one way of making his adaptation mildly appealing: keeping the Sleestaks idiotic. Barely updated from their Sid and Marty Krofft days, the lizard men are thankfully still glassy-eyed, mono-horned guys in suits. Hopefully any future film adaptations of Krofft productions will follow suit--mainly because I'm not sure I could psychologically handle seeing the psychedelic head of H.R. Pufnstuf rendered at all realistically.

Kitschy 'Land of the Lost' gets a modern makeover [USA Today]

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