NYCC Report: 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army'

April 21, 2008


Despite suffering what he described as "grotesque weight gain," director Guillermo Del Toro was in attendance at the New York Comic Con to discuss Hellboy II: The Golden Army--and he brought along creator Mike Mignola and stars Ron Pearlman, Selma Blair, and Doug Jones to sit mostly-quietly alongside. From what I can pull from my memory and scrawled notes, here's what happened:

- The entrance of each Hellboy player is received with thunderous applause and a standing ovation, followed by shouts from the back to sit down. Del Toro begins his typically expletive-filled discussion.

- A "sizzle reel"--essentially a trailer with some unfinished effects, meant to spark interest--is shown. It features even more freaks than the last trailer, and hints at a romance between Abe and the priestess and disputes between Hellboy and the ectoplasmic psychic, Johann. Conflict!

- When the lights come back up after the trailer, a batch of the aforementioned freaks are lined up on the stage. One holds a skinless man in a basket; another has a disgusting head with something like a birthday cake perched atop; a mutant wearing a single Victorian-era puffy sleeve holds a fetus emerging from his stomach. All are brilliantly disgusting.

- Del Toro discusses how many freak designs had to be dropped because of time and budget limitations, including a ten-three-headed bulldog licking itself. Mention is made of the dog's "red part," and that he'll post the design online soon.

- Seth MacFarlane is doing the voice of Johann? Apparently so. I guess that's just the most efficient way to ensure Family Guy can easily reference the film.

- Doug Jones, who played Silver Surfer in the last Fantastic Four movie, says he knows no more than the online rumors about a Surfer solo picture. He gesticulates just as much as he did in Pan's Labyrinth.

- Del Toro reveals that he's working on a picture called Saturn and the End of Days about a boy watching the apocalypse happen as he runs errands.

- Selma Blair's glazed expression screams "why the hell did I come here?"

More later!

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