NYCC Report: WB's Surprise 'Dark Knight' Trailer

April 22, 2008


Warner Bros. was scheduled to have a surprise panel at the con, and I had heard from a few people that this surprise was going to be something to do with Speed Racer. So it wasn't that much of a shock when the husky kid playing Spritle took the stage and started talking about the candy-coated car race hallucination flick. Though it was a bit surprising when this boy started orating like a political candidate, explaining, "This is my first Comic Con... but it won't be my last. (Actually, not that surprising now that I see this publicity shot of him).

But as it turns out, the real bombshell wasn't that this chubby little man could run for office. It was a new Dark Knight trailer! Here is what I recall:

- The whole thing was very Harvey Dent and Joker-centric--about the same ratio of Dent/Joker to Batman as the ratio of people on the convention floor dressed as Joker and Two-Face compared to those dressed as a pudgy Colossus with a metallic shirt on to simulate bare-chestedness. (6:1?)

- Joker singles-out Rachel Dawes at a classy party, and it feels sort of reminiscent of Joker's infatuation with Vicky Vale in Tim Burton's Batman. Not really though.

- Joker seems like less of a maverick than I thought he'd be, as he's shown trying to rally other crime bosses to kill Batman. He closes by saying, "Here's my calling card." Guess what it is! Yeah. It's a joker.

- There's a shot of a vial of liquid crashing to the floor, then a shot of a panicked Harvey Dent, his face pressed to the same floor. Something gave me the feeling the liquid may have been some sort of acid.

- Harvey Dent explains a theory to Bruce Wayne: "Either die a hero or watch yourself become the villain." Then a giant graphic comes up that says "IT'S FUNNY HE SAID THAT, BECAUSE, STRANGELY ENOUGH, HE WILL LATER BECOME THE VILLAIN KNOWN AS TWO-FACE!"

- It will be about two weeks before the new trailer is available to the general public. No suggestions were made as to how to spend these 14 meaningless days.

The end.

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