NYCC: 'Venture Bros.' Season 3 Preview!

April 22, 2008


One of the more disappointing moments of the NY Comic Con was that seeing the Warner Bros. "surprise trailer" meant missing the Venture Brothers panel. I thought I got the slightly better deal when the surprise ended up being a new Dark Knight trailer, but had second thoughts when a friend who went told me the five-minute preview for Venture season three was really good, and included an elaborate, gore-filled parody of the G.I. Joe opening sequence that had everyone freaking out. Was it possible I had made the wrong choice? Of course not--not in this modern age of digital copies! It's now possible for me to simulate the act of being at the preview (sans the odor) by watching a video facsimile on internet! And you can too, under the cut. Yet another victory for science and piracy... for now.

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