Remaining 'G.I. Joe' Character Shots Revealed

April 18, 2008

IMAGE REMOVED AT REQUEST OF Paramount Picture Corporation Properties

In a flood of black spandex and patent leather, the remaining character shots from G.I. Joe have arrived at WWTD. The series of awkwardly-posed shots give us a first look at the costumes for Duke (spandex with some panels strapped to it, faint goatee), Roadblock (same), Cover Girl (Halloween USA's Sexy Militant costume), Storm Shadow (an '80s coke dealer's couch as a biker jacket), Baroness (a formfitting tacky purse), and Hawk (leather jacket drenched in self-loathing). Looking at them did nothing to inject any confidence in the project, but it was pretty worthwhile to see supermodel Karolina Korkova and Dennis Quaid compete for Best Come-Hither Over-the-Shoulder glance.

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