'Rogue' Trailer Running Rampant in Your Mind!

April 17, 2008


Shock Till You Drop has acquired the surprising new trailer to Rogue, which you may recall is another movie about a giant, maverick crocodile. So why is it surprising? Well, besides that they explicitly claim that the animal is evil (this f***er isn't killing on instinct--he has diabolical motives!), the most surprising part is that it's a theatrical trailer. Rather than, say, a trailer at the beginning of the Transmorphers DVD. Someone is going to put this in (limited) theaters! After seeing the trailer, I think you'll agree that showing this in a legitimate cinema is like wearing pants on your arms: I suppose you could do it if you're so inclined, but why, particularly when these slacks would fit so well on the wobbly legs of the Sci-Fi Channel?

Theatrical Trailer for Rogue [Shock Till You Drop]

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