'Sex and the City' Theme Song Forces Decision Between Labels and Love

April 24, 2008


Usually when I hear the familiar piano riff of the Sex and the City theme, I have an immediate Pavlovian response, my hands punch frantically at the remote, and the channel is changed before I have to hear even a note of the vibraphone part. But today when that jaunty tune entered in my eardrums, I found that changing the channel was having no effect on its presence. It was a bit horrifying. What was going on? Was this song going to be permanently in my head? And why did it sound like a MIDI version with terrible singing over it?

As it turns out, the problem was that I had blindly clicked on a YouTube link someone sent me. It has since been removed, but once held Fergie's Sex and the City theme song. "Doesn't Sex and the City already have a theme song?" you ask? You forget that something as grandiose as Sex and the City Movie Version--like a Bond film--warrants a special theme from a debatably popular artist, such as Fergie crooning her way through designer names and made-up descriptions of sexiness (I swear she said "supercalifregisexy") as she answers one of the great questions of life: "Labels or Love"? It's really awful. But if you'd like, you too can give "LoL" a listen at this People article, which also includes Fergie's claim that she "grew up watching Sex and the City." As BWE pointed out, she was between 23 and 29 when the series aired.

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