The Uwe Boll Conundrum: Day 3

April 10, 2008


Following Uwe Boll's rant yesterday--in which he thew insults at Michael Bay, Eli Roth, and George Clooney--responses from all parties have already flooded in thanks to the power of internet-speed communication. Here they are.

Michael Bay's response: "I find people who rant like that - calling shit about both me, and George Clooney - comes from someone screaming because he is not being heard. He is obviously a sad being. When you ask 'do I care'? Not in the slightest."

Eli Roth's response: "GREATEST COMPLIMENT EVER. That is just further proof of what a genius Sasha Baron Cohen is. That’s his best character yet!"

George Clooney's response: An air of unending charisma and self-satisfaction, as always.

Uwe Boll's response to their responses: Rob at RobOnt Radio passed along his interview with the director, in which he basically says he was using those big names as archetypes for the Hollywood Director, and no malice was intended. Also that he propositioned a room of 800 dentists for money?

My response: Drifting towards something akin to this. Let him work; let him live. Otherwise it's one less thing for me to deride.

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