Worst Thing of the Week: 'My Best Friend's Girl' Trailer

April 16, 2008


You know that hilarious comedy where a loser can't get a girl, so he gets his asshole friend to help him, but then that friend ends up falling for the girl (I think there are several, so you choose which to envision)? It's back, and more annoying than ever thanks to the presence of Dane Cook as said asshole! His character's name is "Tank", he has the non-existant job of taking ex-girlfriends on dates and acting like a douche, and he's otherwise playing himself. Co-starring are Jason Biggs and Kate Hudson, also playing themselves, or at least whatever the repetition of playing the same character has made them. Sounds good, right? So watch the trailer for My Best Friend's Girl, below the cut. (You'll never guess what song it uses.)

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