'21 Jump Street' Movie Might Not Be the Serious Investigation of Youth Issues of the '80s You Hoped For

May 14, 2008


Though I don't personally know any, I assume there are 21 Jump Street fans still in existence. They probably have forums where they debate which season has the best public service announcements, when "Jump" jumped the shark (when Johnny Depp left, probably), and share photos of how they've spray-painted the title card on the side of their garage. And they're about to get pretty annoyed that Jonah Hill is in talks to write and possibly star in a film version of the '80s series--one that will likely be a less earnest take on the cops-who-pose-as-high-schoolers genre. I sympathize with you, Jump Fans, but being that I frequently confuse the show's title with St. Elsewhere and don't recall ever watching a full episode, I have to admit I'm sort of more excited about this take than I would be a genuine 21 Jump Street movie. Sorry.

Jonah Hill in negotiations to develop '21 Jump Street' Movie [EW]

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