7 Surprising Things I Just Learned About Matthew McConaughey's 'Surfer, Dude'

May 13, 2008


1. It's not called Surfer Dude, as I previously thought; it's called Surfer, Dude. Like the surfer dude is addressing someone, presumably a dude, and saying "surfer" for some reason.

2. Matthew McConaughey is not just the Surfer, Dude star--he's also the Surfer, Dude producer.

3. Matthew McConaughey's production company is called "jklivin." Just Kiddin' Livin', maybe?

4. Surfer, Dude was directed by S.R. Bindler, director of the surprisingly entertaining hillbillies-in-a-truck-contest documentary Hands on a Hard Body. He's apparently one of the few lucky enough to be friends with Matty McC.

5. "'Surfer, Dude' is about a surfer who lives to surf," said producer Mark Gustawes. But then he also added, "Peace, love, and a righteous wave is what 'Surfer, Dude' is all about." Perhaps Surfer, Dude is about contradictions?

6. Anchor Bay has acquired Surfer, Dude, noting, "The acquisition of 'Surfer, Dude' underscores where this company is headed." Thus, Anchor Bay is heading into a bleak, tanned future.

7. Surfer, Dude producers announced they are "pleased to be working with Anchor Bay Entertainment on the release of 'Surfer, Dude.'" Surprising part: someone is pleased to be working on Surfer, Dude.

McConaughey's Surfer, Dude Coming Late Summer [Coming Soon]

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