Arcade Fire Scoring Richard Kelly's 'The Box'

May 13, 2008


As mentioned yesterday, Richard Kelly's cult hit Donnie Darko has managed to infect many a college campus movie night with its particular brand of "that shit's f***ed up, man." But that's not enough for him. How can he get to those few remaining hold-outs that "don't get it"? What to do about the dorm rooms that still prefer a Big Lebowski? (That's still big, right?) Kelly finally has the answer: get Arcade Fire to score his next film. Surely marrying those college chart toppers and more of his signature "f***ed up shit" will make his newest thriller the talk of the quad. It should also help that it's called The Box. You know what that means, braw.

Arcade Fire Scoring Donnie Darko Dude's New Movie [Pitchfork]

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