'Bangkok Dangerous' Poster Implies Guns May Be Involved, Possibly

May 7, 2008


It's really strange how many times this poster suggests the presence of guns without ever showing them.

1. Bullet holes in the thin layer of glass between us and the poster-verse. Man, I bet some guys are seriously shooting some guns at the fourth wall.

2. Does Nicolas Cage have a stump arm? No. He's just reaching in his awesome leather jacket, probably for a gun.

3. At first glance, Nicolas Cage appears to be holding a gun. At second glance: he's not actually holding a gun. His hand is just positioned in an open grasp such that a gun might fit in his hands if someone were to carefully slide one in.

I'm starting to think Bangkok might not be so outright dangerous--just implicitly so.

Bangkok Dangerous Poster [IMPA]

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