'Donnie Darko' Sequel Will Make for Disappointing Dorm Movie Night

May 12, 2008


Whenever I get a lot of emails on one subject, it inevitably means something surprisingly great or incredibly, tragically awful has happened. So when emails regarding a Donnie Darko sequel started rushing in, I assumed it was the prior: eager fans of the cult film alerting me to how excited I should be that Richard Kelly was returning to his single hit rather than attempting further Southland Tales. But as I looked closer at the emails, a sadder, angrier tone emerged. The subject wasn't "Donnie Darko 2!!!!", it was "Donnie Darko 2????" Another read, "Positive outcome unlikely."

What the hey? If college taught me anything, it's that everyone but me in college loved Donnie Darko, or at least pretended to so they wouldn't be accused of "not getting it." Surely there must be a reason for this sudden backlash against a sequel.

Hmm, let's take a look. It's called S. Darko, and it's about Donnie's sister. That makes sense, given that Donnie dies. They got the same actress to return to the role--always a good sign. Should be fine as long as they get a strong supporting cast like... a guy from Gossip Girl, someone from Step Up 2 the Streets, and the tall-haired fellow from Dragonball? All right, I guess that works, if Richard Kelly thinks he can pull it off with... Oh, Kelly isn't involved in any capacity? Well, so long as someone else with a similarly unique vision takes over, like... Chris Fisher, director of Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders and an episode of NBC's Chuck?

OK. This is doomed.

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