'Dragonball' First Look: Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi

May 22, 2008


Even as someone who cares absolutely nothing about Dragonball, I'm pretty astounded by how far this movie is deviating from the source material, when I'm pretty sure only the most devoted fans who will even bother with this. Did they have Chow Yun-Fat make the costume himself out of whatever he could find in his closet in five minutes?

"Well, I got the Hawaiian shirt, but that's about it. I coulda sworn I had some sunglasses in there somew--"

"That's fine. Let's shoot."

"But shouldn't I have a bald cap, at least a goatee?"

"No, this great. Just a Hawaiian shirt pulled over a sweatshirt. You look fantastic--just like the Moshi man. This will be a great movie."

2nd Dragonball Look [Jo Blo]

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