'Earthworm Jim' Movie Announced, Only 14 Years After the Game

May 21, 2008


If your thumbs still wear the callused battle scars of the 16-bit revolution (god knows mine do), you surely remember the Earthworm Jim series. Notable for it's creative design (Professor Monkey-For-A-Head!), fluid gameplay (until the third one, at least), and the ability to wrench your own body out of a suit for use as a whip, the series and its characters ultimately fell out of the hands of their creator, Doug TenNapel, and into the plot of a poorly-animated WB series before fading to obscurity, left only in our hearts and save games.

Or so it seemed! Until Interplay, owners of the character, announced last month that they're back at work with TenNapel to develop a new video game, animated series, and feature film. Said TenNapel on his forum:

I've done a few new sketches and he's really fun, funny and just more solid as a character. I have a ten page feature script treatment that I just finished to get a look at the character...see what a feature might look like.

I'm not going to say much more. I don't want EWJ to be all about talking up a character...I'm putting the goods down on paper. We'll give you updates over on the Interplay site and I'll probably start a blog to let all of the Jim fans in on the progress of the character, game, movie, etc.

I can only say that I really want to make him shine so you won't get some half-baked, heartless piece of crap made to exploit you for more money.

This seems good. Right?

Thanks to Julian for providing the unsubstantiated notion that led to me researching more.

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