First Look at Newest Comedy Masterpiece, 'Goody Two Shoes'

May 8, 2008


As we sit idly by, waiting for the world to improve itself, the know the writing/directing/side-splitting team of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg (the Meet the Spartans guys!) are hard at work on yet another excuse for Carmen Electra to consider herself a "comedienne". But outside of the predicative spoofs they've already stated (in which entire parodies will be based on some trailers), and that the framework will be built around Superbad, we barely know what pre-existing material will be referenced as jokes in the next Seltzer/Friedberg laff-fest. How do we know what material to study, so that when a man in a giant flower of a dress stumbles into a manhole, we can say, "I think that was meant to be the Sex and the City lady randomly dying"?

Oh well. At least with this on-set shot from their latest, Goodie Two Shoes, we can start taking guesses. Looks like we've got a parody of Juno (hah!--she totally did look sort of like that), a parody of celebrity, and an exploration into how funny it would be if Jonah Hill were black? Am I missing any?

Oscar Bound! [Faded Youth]

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