'Fraggle Rock' to Stop Being Fond Memory, Become Sad Future

May 13, 2008


A Fraggle Rock movie is not inherently a bad idea. The characters are varied and lovable, it tells a fairly complex story of inter-species relationships, and there is definitely potential to make something that would attract both new fans and the old ones who had parents rich enough to afford HBO. Giving the property to the guy who made Hoodwinked though? Kind of a bad idea.

Oh, good, that's what happening:

The Weinstein Co. will turn the Jim Henson series "Fraggle Rock" into a live-action musical feature.

Cory Edwards, who directed the animated "Hoodwinked!" for TWC, will helm the picture and write the screenplay. The Jim Henson Co. will produce and TWC will distribute.

Weinstein Company, you will be receiving a package soon. Inside, you will find what remaining memorabilia I've saved from my childhood. Because you (and almost every other studio, of course) have taught me nothing can or should be cherished, they are now your property, royalty-free. I trust you'll know what to do with them: give them to someone who will mercilessly destroy them. Maybe a pack of wild dogs? A wood chipper? The voice of Mike Myers? Whatever. It's up to you now. I only ask that you not remind me of them with talking CGI reproductions or too many unnecessary sequels to my blankie.

Weinsteins roll with 'Fraggle Rock' [Variety]

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