'Goosebumps' Coming to Big Screen, Scholastic Catalogs

May 15, 2008


For once you'll be able to get a Goosebumps tale without ordering it from a flimsy catalog at school and waiting a week: Columbia Pictures has acquired the rights to bring the young-adult series to theaters! Producers say the "time is ripe" to bring the books to screens, claiming there is a new generation just cracking open the uniquely rippled, literally-goosebumped covers, and that first generation fans are now in their 20s. I can't dispute the latter fact, but I do question the logic that having been exposed to Goosebumps a decade ago would somehow equate to wanting to now see the tame, kiddy version of Tales from the Crypt in theaters. I can honestly tell you a live-action Night of the Living Dummy is in no way appealing to me. And how could they top the Fox Kids television version?

The studio still has yet to announce which story will first be adapted, but with the series' propensity for long, mildly-scary buildups to laughable twist-endings, M. Night Shyamalan seems like the natural choice for directing.

Stine gives Columbia 'Goosebumps' [Variety]

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