Hasbro Now Officially Owns Your Entire Childhood

May 14, 2008


For too long the bigwigs down at TV-Loonland have kept their puffy, white-gloved hands clenched in tight, wacky fists around the Sunbow Cartoon library, keeping it from the rightful owners, the kindly old toymakers at Hasbro. No longer! Hasbro announced today that the company has reacquired the rights to the collection, allowing them access to such '80s classics as G.I. Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, and yes, even Kanye West's favorite, Connect Four: The Series, which needs to immediately be released on DVD and copied to YouTube, so that I can see how a cartoon about lines of colored discs possibly worked without paying for it. I'm picturing sort of a Civil War military drama.

Hasbro Doubles Its Programming Portfolio [Yahoo!]

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