I Just Solved the J.J. Abrams' 'Fringe' Posters

May 15, 2008


As any Lost fan will tell you, both the fun and the frustration of a J.J. Abrams production is that practically every image and symbol is full of hidden meaning. But these meanings can be difficult to decipher, and who has the time? Thus, as a public service, I've taken the time to figure out the cryptic clues hidden within the five new posters for Abrams' Fringe. You're welcome. (Thanks to TV Week for the images.)

Clue 1: (above) Count Rugen has left forensic evidence. Has he killed someone else's father? Hard to say just yet, but this image does support one of the theories behind Lost's four-toed foot statue: J.J. Abrams thinks adding or subtracting digits is crazy.


Clue 2: Cigarette smoke is artistic.


Clue 3: Don't trust the leaf--he belongs to a secret fraternal organization of other leaves.


Clue 4: Someone had sex with an apple.


Clue 5: Dr. Eckersall, while driving home from a country club dance, picks up a lovely young girl dressed in a sheer evening gown. She climbs into the back seat of the car, because his front passenger seat is crowded with golf clubs, and gives him an address to take her to. As he arrives at the address, he turns to speak to her – and she is gone. The curious doctor rings the doorbell of the address given to him by the mysterious girl. A gray-haired man answers the door and reveals that the girl was his daughter--who died in a car accident a year ago to the day!

Put all the clues together and you can't help but come to one shocking conclusion: it's weird to brag about getting the Transformers writers.

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