'MacGyver' Coming to Theaters, and Not as an Intentional Comedy?

May 5, 2008


This weekend, MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff attended Maiker Faire, presumably to be honored for creating the character to have made the most ridiculous shit by hand. But it was Zlotoff's news of an improved method of diffusing a bomb with an office supply that would prove most surprising; it was the mention that a big-budget MacGyver movie is in the planning stages. Since MacGyver has essentially been a Chuck Norris-level joke since his inception, I would normally think this means a two-hour joke about how Will Ferrell-in-a-mullet screams about needing a paperclip. But here's the kicker: Zlotoff, the one man who may still somehow take the character seriously, has the movie rights and complete creative control. Trying to make MacGyver funny would surely lead to predictably miserable results, but with the creator in control, this could be something. Something ridiculous and only ironically enjoyable, but something nonetheless.

MacGyver Blockbuster Film Coming! [Gizmodo]

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