More 'Fringe' Mysteries Solved in New Preview

May 21, 2008


First came the posters, covered with cryptic images, like leaves, which were covered in even crypticer images, like triangles. Now Fringe has a full preview, revealing more clues to the unfulfilling mysteries that await those who watch Fox. Below the cut, see the trailer to J.J. Abrams' latest sure-to-be-drawn-out series, along with my thorough analysis of its hidden mysteries. (Thanks, Chaz!)

- Like Lost, Fringe begins with an airplane, but this plane is totally different: it has a guy with a shiny, plastic face on it.

- It involves an FBI investigation that Lt. Daniels from The Wire explains is classified "above top secret." Like super top secret??? Pinky-swear-only type shit???

- Someone has mercifully tossed Joshua Jackson back into the sweet waters of television after years of sad floundering on the shores of Dawson's Creek.

- Joshua Jackson's father was apparently Dr. Frankenstein.

- Saying something is "insane" may, hopefully, lead audiences to believe they're looking at something insane happening on-screen rather than, say, someone giving someone else a shot.

- There's a Terminator or something.

- It's becoming more and more apparent that this is by the writers of Transformers, and that they've seen an episode of The X-Files.

(Updated with proper name of Joshua Jackson, whom I accidentally made seem even less relevant by forgetting his name. Plus, here's a link to the preview that I couldn't get to work, but may work for those with less-terrible computers.)

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