'My Girl' Starring in New, Non-'My Girl' Movie

May 1, 2008


Around 1991, I couldn't have been the only one with a massive crush on My Girl star Anna Chlumsky. Someone is with me on this, right? Looking back at pictures of the then ten-year-old, I'm not entirely sure what I saw in that gap-toothed grin (aside from someone closer to my age than Debbie Gibson and Vanna White, and someone willing to kiss Macauley Culkin's all-too-familiar nebbish, bee-phobic character), but we were definitely in love. And it was real.

Anyway, after a nearly ten-year hiatus, it seems she's back, looking again crush-worthy and getting bit parts on various NBC series. And now she's starring in BBC Films' In the Loop with James Gandolfini and Steve Coogan. It's not quite My Girl 3: Remembering the Bee Attack, but it's something:

Gandolfini will play a U.S. general in the unofficial adaptation of the BBC series "The Thick of It," which parodies the inner workings of U.S. and British government agencies and their international relations in a tale of war-hungry politicians. Chlumsky plays a State Department assistant and Rache ("United 93") is an undersecretary of state, and Coogan ("Hamlet 2") plays a disgruntled U.S. citizen.

Look below the cut for the original My Girl trailer, and let Chlumsky remind you why you fell in love with her as she seductively sashays across her porch. Warning: it will make you feel sort of dirty if you're no longer nine.

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