New 'Street Fighter' Shot, Aaron Losing His Edge?

May 6, 2008


Is Aaron depressed? My favorite blogger, Aaron of the official Street Fighter movie blog, has updated the site with two new images--a shot of new character Det. Maya Sunee and a fighting storyboard. But more importantly, Aaron's hip, youthful jargon has been seriously downplayed, possibly hinting at emotional turmoil for the young writer. You may remember from previous posts that he usually litters his updates with rarely-used (but clearly radical) slang like "flyin' at ya," "flippin'," (as in a euphemistic "f***ing"), and the sure-to-catch-on "go all 'American Idol' on your asses." In sharp contrast, this latest post uses "you" four times instead of his traditional "ya"! What's up with that, A-Dawg? If he hadn't explained that Maya "rocks a Ducati," and used the edgy, Spanish version of "please" (por favor), I'd hardly be able to tell that Aaron is a secret government awesomeness experiment.

Under the cut: the new storyboard and his precious few attitude-filled quotes.

If its not a mid-afternoon shower to temporarily halt filming, it’s the roaring thunder off in the distance muckin’ up our sound. Of course, that could just be the booming voice of Michael Clarke Duncan…

But, hey, like former Air Force Lt. Charlie Nash… we soldier on.

And this very morning, Neal Mcdonough’s Bison unleashed a BRUTAL beat-down that was a little more one-sided. Ohhh yes my friends, there will be blood.

Maya’s new to the Street Fighter universe. She’s Bangkok Gangland Homicide. A no-nonsense, fast-talking, half-Thai cop who rocks a Ducati and a set of gold cuffs. Check her out below, hangin’ with her boys.

So hit me up. Send your emails to, leave your name and the city you live in. Serious questions only por favor. And even though I obviously haven’t received any yet, I can answer the most popular one right now…

The answer is no. Kristin will not marry you. Sorry guys.


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