OMG is Beast in 'X-Men Origins: Magneto'!?

May 14, 2008


Huge news about the Magneto origin movie... there might be another character from the X-Men universe in it! Crazy, right? The story goes like this: Someone from Latino Review was visiting Hellboy II's creature effects shop when they noticed a photo of a furry, blue gentleman with a tail. He was all like, "What's that?" And they were all like, "That's young Beast for the upcoming Magneto." And then the internet was all like, "WTF Beast doesn't have a tail! Maybe it's Nightcrawler! Is Beast in this? Everything is relevant!", thus temporarily distracting the internet until a new video of someone doing something funny could be created.

Personally, while I couldn't care less if Beast is in Magneto, I hope this doesn't mean they totally redesigned the character. I really liked the ridiculous Beethoven-meets-My Pet Monster Doll look Kelsey Grammer had.

Hank McCoy to Meet Magneto! [Latino Review]

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