Reinhold the Phone! Another 'Beverly Hills' Cop!?

May 30, 2008


Eddie Murphy isn't about to let Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone have all the fun in reviving their old roles and publicly strangling the life out of them. According to Variety, he's attached to again star as Axel Foley in a fourth Beverly Hills Cop! And Brett Ratner, of such eye-rolling sequels as Rush Hour 3 and X-Men 3, is probably directing!

Eddie Murphy is attached to reprise his role as Detroit detective Axel Foley, and Brett Ratner is negotiating to direct.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce. Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the original "Beverly Hills Cop" trilogy with late partner Don Simpson, won't be actively involved in the new film.

If I cared at all about whatever remaining credibility the Beverly Hills Cops series has, I would be so pissed right now. As it stands, I'm mostly just curious why Ratner isn't remaking it from scratch with Chris Tucker. Since Judge Reinhold's name isn't mentioned, I'm already assuming Murphy will be doing that role in white-face, as well as the role of Mini-Axel (an even edgier, smaller than normal Axel, thanks to computers) and Axel's visiting cousin, Norbit Foley.

Eddie Murphy back in 'Beverly Hills' [Variety]

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