Robert Rodriguez Can't Do Anything Without His GF

May 28, 2008


Did you know that Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are, like, totally in love? Well, they are, and Rodriguez wants you to know that besides being the best girlfriend in the world, she's also a tremendous actress worthy of more screen time than just Charmed reruns. So in addition to casting her in Planet Terror and a planned remake of Barbarella, the cowboy-hatted director is apparently shopping around a violent women's prison TV drama starring, you guessed it, his obnoxious goth girlfriend:

Director Robert Rodriguez is shopping around "Women in Chains!" a violent drama set at a woman's prison starring his fiancee, Rose McGowan.

The spec script, penned by Josh Miller and Mark Fortin, has been sent to a number of networks, including NBC and FX.

I'm beginning to think Rodriguez and Tim Burton have contest going to see who can make the largest film library that will incite weeping when watched in a few years, after the inevitable breakups. If so, they're both doing a tremendous job.

Robert Rodriguez shops prison series [THR]

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