'Speed' Racer Unable to Defeat 'Iron Man' Despite Inspirational Theme Song

May 12, 2008


1. Iron Man - Neither Speed nor Kutch could topple this giant, which still managed a $50.5 million weekend. They must not know Iron Man's weakness: magic rings or something, maybe?

2. Speed Racer - $20.2 million, all to find out what it's like to be stabbed in the eyes with a rainbow.

3. What Happens in Vegas... - $20 million in ticket sales. If you went, please explain why, and detail any hilarious, on-set Kutch-pranks that may be revealed during the credits.

4. Made of Honor - $7.6 million, coming in just ahead of Grüm's Man.

5. Baby Mama - $5.8 million--enough to just buy several black market babies, effectively avoiding the need for a baby mama.

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