'The Rocker' Poster Looks Strangely Shrutey, Apatowy

May 16, 2008


If the above, heavily-lipped, bespectacled child looks more than a little bit like Dwight Schrute of The Office, that's because it is. Just as Growing Pains opened with actual young shots of the cast under the crooning vocals of B.J. Thomas and Dusty Springfield, The Rocker has taken a young Rainn Wilson, heavily photoshopped him, adding glasses and a promotional tattoo, and made it a poster. So if you thought it was a poster for a Judd Apatow-produced comedy about a nerd that grows an enormous penis, you were dead wrong. That Michael Cera comedy doesn't come out for another year.

Young Rainn Wilson Rocks the Poster for 'The Rocker' [Cinematical]

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