'The Rocker' Trailer: Better Than Watching an Old Man Being Carted Off by Paramedics

May 7, 2008


Being a blogger allows one a lot of luxuries you don't get when you have to go into an office. You can stay in your pajamas as long as you want; play loud and/or obnoxious music; work anywhere with an internet connection; and, when the occasion calls for it, you can watch half an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood while you eat a bowl of Kashi, like I did yesterday. Since most of you probably weren't afforded this extravagance, let me give you a brief synopsis: Mr. Rogers visited a couple of EMTs. A firm believer in "show, don't tell," Rogers was placed in a neck brace, strapped to a gurney (he was first instructed to "hug himself," to give more of the illusion of a corpse), and thrown in the back of an ambulance--just like he really broke his neck! The entire time, a huge grin was spread across his face, as he asked questions like, "Do you have something smaller to strap a kid into?" (They did.)

As is probably apparent, it was utterly terrifying--particularly when they actually brought out the child-size straps and showed how they'd velcro in a kid's limp head. But, as Fred would later explain, the point was never to give children (or me) nightmares of a dead Mr. Rogers, the sheet slowly being drawn over his permanent grin; he just wanted to prepare us in case we break our neck.

Similarly, I now present you with the trailer to The Rocker, starring The Office's Rainn Wilson, Jeff Garlin, Will Arnett and some other funny, talented people. I show you this not because it's so worth watching, but because it looks very mediocre-at-best, and it's better you know that now than to feel the shocking disappointment in theaters. I assure you, it's much less scarring than the Fred Rogers death simulation I watched yesterday.

'The Rocker' Trailer [Yahoo!]

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