'Babylon A.D.' Trailer: Like Every Other Sci-Fi-Action You've Seen, with Vin Diesel

June 11, 2008


Babylon A.D. appears to be built entirely around a couple guys guessing what a sci-fi action movie might look like based entirely on the few they've seen.

"'Babylon A.D.' sounds like a sci-fi movie, right?"

"Yeah, I think so. Let's call it that. Babylon A.D.... so sweet."

"Yeah, I know. And there should be a city like that Blade Runner city. That was sci-fi, right?"

"Yeah, totally. And there should be a part where you see a guy in a car, and then it turns out that car is being carried by a helicopter for some reason--like because it's the future."

"And the guy in the car is Vin Diesel!"


"Let's make it!"

Is there another explanation for this?

Babylon A.D. Movie Trailer [IGN]

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