Ben Kingsley Will Be 'Prince of Persia' Villainy Fellow

June 6, 2008


Earlier this week, news came that Ben Kingsley had joined the cast of Jerry Bruckheimer's attempt at making Prince of Persia: The Game into Prince of Persia: The Universally-Panned Movie, but it was unclear exactly which role the actor would later regret taking. Variety has now clarified:

Ben Kingsley will play the villain in Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's bigscreen adapatation of the Ubisoft vidgame "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time."

In the fantasy actioner, Kingsley portrays Nizam, who plots to kill his brother King Shahrman and blame it on Prince Dastan so he can take the throne.

Everyone can now rest well tonight, knowing Kingsley will be playing the stock evil-relative-after-the-throne villain.

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