'Death Race' Trailer: What You'd Expect and More!

June 17, 2008


The trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's Death Race remake has been out for several days, yet somehow I missed/subconsciously avoided the emails notifying me of it until now. So, I just watched it, and it was basically exactly what anyone would expect from a famously-awful director's remake of Death Race 2000--except for the following items, which I found much stupider than human logic would allow:

- The line, "The rules are simple: there are no rules." Even if the challenge were to write a script composed entirely of clichés, it would still be unacceptably cliché to include that line.

- The part where the cops come in to arrest a framed Jason Statham, and the guy who framed him sticks around, staying within sight of the arrest, so that he can alert us and Jason to the fact that he's falsely incriminating him. Was Anderson worried all the painful exposition that deliberately explains the framing wouldn't be enough?

- The introduction of the hot babe element. I knew from previous photos there was at least one cutie, but I never imagined her arrival being so absurd. The women's prison is composed entirely of potential FHM models? They're allowed to be navigators on the Death Race? The male inmates, who already face enough sexual frustration to violently rape each other (so Oz and prison jokes tell me), don't immediately "R" them? Jeez.

- You'd think the revelation that one of the rival racers is the guy the warden paid to kill Jason Statham's wife would be a dramatic plot point to save for the full movie experience. Not the case! It's all spelled out right here.

- Guns N' Roses? Fine.

- I'll obviously never pay to see this, but I'm surprisingly excited about the prospect of catching a highly-edited version on basic cable at two in the morning.

Death Race Trailer [Yahoo!]

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