'Disaster Movie' Trailer, AKA, Characters You Know Being Injured

June 24, 2008


When I began the trailer for Disaster Movie, the new fading-pop-culture-reference film from the makers of Meet the Spartans (who are now calling themselves "the guys who've seen way too many movies" rather than the more accurate "the two despicable retards whose sense of humor is derived entirely from recognizing impressions"), I had already assumed that when it was done, my brain would be clenched in a tight fist, flailing at my skull with the impotent rage of a child unable to come to grips with his parents' divorce. WHY??? HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING???

As it turns out, that wasn't really the case. Instead, the entire experience left me feeling as empty as the deserted street corner set used in every single shot. How else could you feel after watching a trailer composed entirely of recent/future movie characters getting hurt in inexplicably cartoon ways? A cow falls on Iron Man, crushing him with a Photoshop squeeze effect. That a joke. That actually happens. Who does this appeal to? Someone whose sole aspiration is to see the Joker get hit by a frying pan? If you are that person, this delivers in spades.

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