'Ghost Town' Poster Disappoints Me, Gervais

June 25, 2008


In Extras, Ricky Gervais plays a character disappointed that his starring sitcom had gone the route of lowbrow humor and catch-phrases. In this poster for Ghost Town, Ricky Gervais poses as if preparing for a rectal exam beside a catch-phrase larger than his torso seated just above the traditional bold red lettering of every broad comedy poster in the last five years. Is this the irony I've heard so much about?

UPDATE: Commenter Marclavis has pointed out that Gervais discredits the poster on his blog, saying:

There is an awful fake poster for Ghost Town going around. It is fucking dreadful and nothing to do with me or anyone else concerned. It's a screen grab of me with a slogan that makes no sense. Please don't fall for it. Good. Let's move on.

Agreed on all counts.

'Ghost Town' Poster [Film 1]

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