How to Make a Better 'Transformers 2': More Transformers

June 2, 2008


There are few plot holes that can't be filled with enough giant robots. Thus, Transformers 2 screenwriter Robert Orci has made a comment on Don Murphy's message board that hints that there may be more Transformers in the next film. Like twenty:

I'd love and think we could almost barely manage ten on each side, with some front and center and others as more supporting.

"Barely manage ten on each side"? I don't think you've given yourselves enough credit. If you avoid pesky characterization altogether, I'm certain you can get at least 50 or 60 robots on-screen--at once, even--especially if you make some of them explode as soon as they enter the frame. Never forget that even if you stack a house of cards to collapse, you're still left with a pretty impressive mess of cards, which you can then throw more cards on top of, and then exchange those cards with robots.

20 Robots in Transformers 2? [Coming Soon]

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