'Madagascar 2' Trailer Wisely Focuses on Single Memorable Element of Original

June 9, 2008


It's official: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is basing its entire ad campaign (and its title?) on the Reel 2 Real hit single "I Like to Move It." First came the lyrics-brandishing poster; now there's a trailer that's at least half dancing to the 14-year-old house track, the animals strangely sexualized as they shake their butts towards the camera wearing nothing but self-satisfied grins. It's disturbing at several levels, and it makes me hate them for liking to move it. In fact, they're going to regret telling me how much they like to move it, because right now, having just endured a full minute of them fulfilling their desire to move it, my mind is fixated on a single goal: whatever it takes, stop them from moving it.

I think I'm going to start a new trailer rating system based on how many times I need to pause the video, hold my head in my hands and sigh to make it through. This one gets a 3. (Thanks to Kyle for the tip.)

'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' Trailer [Yahoo!]

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