Marvel Wants DiCaprio, Pitt for 'Captain America'

June 13, 2008


In "yeah, I bet you would" news: Marvel Studios reportedly wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead in the Captain America movie they have planned for 2011. But, recognizing they might not be able to get him, the studio is willing to settle for like a Brad Pitt or whatever. No, that's seriously what they're saying.

Are either of these reasonable possibilities? I know superhero movies are getting pretty big-name leads lately, but I really can't see (and don't want to see) Leonardo DiCaprio putting on a hood with wings on it. Unless the movie were about a mentally handicapped guy who wore a hood with wings as part of an endearing schtick, in which case I could totally see him taking that role. Whatever--it's weekend time!

Marvel Wants a Titanic Star for Captain America [Latino Review]

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