Meet the Vampires of 'Lost Boys 2'

June 5, 2008


Sure, you know Corey Feldman's Edgar Frog character, but do you know the new vampires of Lost Boys 2: The Tribe's vampire tribe? I know you don't. So let me introduce you to them through biographies I've invented based entirely on these photos.

Trey (above) - A sensitive artist with long, flowing hair, puppy dog eyes, and a nose with a urethra, his skills at moody poetry and simple acoustic guitar have coerced many a lady to their untimely death. Trey is often compared to James Blunt because of his similar musical sensibilities, and to Dracula because that's the only other vampire most people can easily think of.


Terrence - The incorrigible jokester of the group, Terrence's ill-timed quips have been known to have his vampire posse laughing a gruesome spray of blood out their nose on more than one occasion. Like this one time when he bit into this fat guy's neck, and he was all like, "Daaaamn! This dude blood taste like Ragu!" Classic Terrence.


Barth - The retarded one.



The Vampires of Lost Boy 2 [/Film]

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