Meet WALL-E's Entire Robot Servant Class

June 4, 2008


Do you have some apprehensions about Pixar's latest, WALL-E? Fear that one adorable robot isn't enough to quench your insatiable desire for a post-apocalyptic future full of cute automatons? Worry not! This newest trailer will introduce you to many other charming droids in the WALL-E universe, such as: VAQ-M, the Roomba with enough sentience that you can hate it; PR-T, the amenities of a Korean beauty salon without the guilt of degrading a people; M-O, the only robot built around Marc Summers' brain; AUTO, the only automatic driving system that can comfort you when you're relegated to sleeping in your car; and EVE, a soil-evaluation robot that you'll eventually see as an object of lust. Meet them all, below the cut.

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