Nasally Shouts of a Sweaty Crowd will Determine 'Hulk 2' Plot

June 17, 2008


The comic book community doesn't always know what's best for it. There's a reason so many comic fans die alone, crushed under boxes of stiffly bagged and boarded first issues, their final moments filled with thoughts of Psylocke's full thighs, quiet prayers that they never somehow return from the dead with new powers (because it was really stupid when that happened with Superman), and the tragic realization that maybe the life decisions leading up to this untimely demise weren't necessarily the best. But regardless of their decision-making talents, Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier says it might be the fans who decide the villain in his superhero sequel. (That's us!) From MTV:

“I think that if we get to ‘Hulk 2′ I would go to Comic-Con and ask the crowd of people that actually love the movies, which one would you prefer to see, Samson or the Leader?” Leterrier told MTV News.

For his part, Leterrier said that he would prefer The Leader, on the grounds that a face-off between him and the Hulk would be a different sort of smash-fest than the climactic battle of the first film.

“Both are very interesting. [But] there’s something unstoppable about [Leader] and it’s just not the same thing. It’s just different,” he said of the super-brilliant character played in the film by Tim Blake Nelson. “The fact that he controls stuff with his mind, I just like that.”

Has Leterrier never seen a superhero sequel before? Clearly the next movie should have every villain crammed into it, with a dense program handed out beforehand providing the sole explanation of who anyone is because there is absolutely no time for characterization through all the CGI punching. That mode of thought seems to have worked brilliantly so far; let's stick with it.

The Leader or Doc Samson: Who SHould the Hulk Battle? [MTV]

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