New 'Bangkok Dangerous' Clip May Be a Parody of Nic Cage Action Movies

June 18, 2008


In this clip from Bangkok Dangeous, the following things are somehow all contained within a minute of footage:

- Hot girls ride a boat with someone who appears to be Asia's answer to Hunter S. Thompson.

- A high-speed boat chase between said man (the girls are now gone somehow) and Nicolas Cage.

- Nicolas Cage dodging bullets with only the slightest of shoulder shifts, performed long after the bullet would have hit him.

- Nicolas Cage hijacking a motorcycle in less than a second, riding it a short distance, then jumping back onto another boat.

- Nicolas Cage using an outboard motor as a weapon--by which I mean physically lifting it out of the water and sawing off a man's gun-wielding hand.

- Then he pries the gun out of that guy's lifeless hand and shoots him! Several times!! With his own gun!!! (In case you didn't catch that.)

In short, it needs to be watched several times to be fully appreciated. My only complaint is that Cage didn't slap the guy with his disembodied hand before shooting him.

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