New 'Spirit' Posters Add Voices to Motionless Heads

June 23, 2008


There are two new The Spirit posters! One features the Spirit swiping my famous sexual maneuver (that maneuver being pretending a girl's lip is a button, then going into extreme detail about how my pressing the button sets her mouth to blowjob mode); the other shows Lorelei, the Spirit character most like a cast member of Cats.

But the real story isn't in the images, it's that Yahoo has taken a giant leap in movie poster technology: they've added speech! Moving the mouse over the posters cues an audio file of each actress reading her respective sexually-charged face tattoo. Think of it as the antithesis of Guess Who?, because these faces actually do talk (fuck you again, Milton Bradley).

The degradation of forcing Scarlett Johansson to repeatedly insist I get on my knees was entertaining for about 30 seconds, at which point my focus shifted to finding the dirtiest thing I could make them say by quickly moving the mouse from face to face ("Keep the come on your knees"). Maybe someone else can figure out something better to do with this function.

Oh, and I guess this isn't really safe for work, just because it's going to take too much explaining to clarify why a woman's sultry voice is giving you dominatrix commands.

Talking 'The Spirit' Poster Things [Yahoo!]

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